Replace or Repair: What Does Your Furnace Tell You?

Once you start to undergo furnace issues, one of the best questions to ask is should it be replaced or repaired. In your home, your furnace is one of the most important and the most expensive appliance. If it has any issues, then your property definitely will not be comfortable. It might even be hazardous once the outdoor temperatures are particularly low. Hence how can you determine whether your furnace can simply be repaired or it needs to be replaced? Below are some of the tips to know-how:

How old is your furnace?

Normally, a lot of furnaces would last 15-20 years. There is a time when it could be longer than that, or you just know that your furnace is now over 15 years old. If this is the case, then you need to replace your furnace. Due to innovative advancements, the model that was released 15-20 years ago might be outdated and it won’t operate efficiently compared to the new ones. Also, you can drastically reduce your heating bill once you chance it with a new one.

How frequent should it be fixed?

If you’ve already had your furnace repaired for the second or multiple times already within a couple of months ago or within a year, then you may want to think about replacing it instead. Indeed, furnace repairing appears to be more inexpensive, however, once you add all the repair expenses over multiple visits, you will see that you’re already reaching almost the cost of a new furnace.

Does it appear more and more challenging to make your home comfy during the winter season?

If yes, then you should opt for replacing your furnace. You must not be able to know the difference between how your furnace functions from one year to another. If you see that you need to heat your property 5 degrees warmer to make your home comfy, there is a possibility that your furnace is gradually losing its efficiency. If this is the case, then have it replaces with a new one for a more efficient and cost-effective furnace.

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