Things to Consider When Planning a Home Addition

If you are planning a new home addition, you’ve got to first ensure you have a plan in place before you start swinging a hammer or purchase materials. Of course, just like any home remodel or renovation project, home addition requires a lot of considerations. One of these considerations is hiring professional general contractors Grand Junction to ensure everything is right.

Here are a couple of other tips you can consider:

Determine the most Complicated Aspects

  • How will contractors access the property site? For instance, how will you get construction equipment and materials where you require them if the addition will be at the back of a home located in a compact neighborhood?
  • Can you copy the finishes and materials of your house? If the answer is no, can you come up with an excellent alternative?
  • Each construction project has a couple of issues to solve. When it comes to adding a new room, you’ve got to ensure that it physically connects to the existing structure. It is very crucial to guarantee that the new roof section is attached properly.

Do Your Research

  • You need to know more about local zoning ordinances with regards to impermeable surface requirements, height limits, setbacks, and any other restrictions.
  • To guarantee smooth sailing with passing inspections and getting building permits. You need to check your mortgage documents to know more about your rights of way and property lines.

Set a Realistic Budget

  • Keep in mind that there are non-construction-related expenses associated with a home addition. You’ve got to ensure you factor in a hike in property taxes, higher homeowner’s insurance premiums, and increased cooling and heating costs.
  • Whether with line of credit or a home equity loan, by refinancing your mortgage, or with savings, figure out how you’ll finance the room addition. Settle on a payment plan that you are comfortable with if financing. This includes the number of months you’ll be repaying the loan and the payment amount per month.

Consider Why You Are Adding a Room

  • Will adding a room adds value to your property? It does not hurt to think about the resale value of your project, even if you are planning to stay in your house for a longer period. Knowing what other houses in your neighborhood offer is one way to measure this. Adding another bathroom probably makes great economic sense if you are the only house in the neighborhood with a single bathroom.
  • Will remodeling an old area work instead? Keep in mind that remodeling can be lost costly compared to adding a room. The reason for this is that it does not require a new roof or foundation.
  • What is the goal of the addition? Do you want a new room for your guests? Do you want a room where your kids can hang out with their friends? Do you want an entertainment room? Do you want a recording room? There are a lot of reasons why people add a new room to their house. Make sure you know your reason.